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M A S S A G E 

After a thorough consultation, we will provide you with the best combination of products, personalized 

aromas and massage techniques to meet your personal needs and expectations.

30 minutes: Customized massage with intensive work on one area of focus.

60 minutes: Customized full-body massage or customized massage with intensive work on 

1 - 2 areas of focus.

30 min  |  $35          60 min  |  $70 

A gentle, smooth and flowing massage with light to firm pressure that helps achieve deep relaxation by ​relieving stress and muscle tension, calming the nervous system, improving circulation and range of motion for an overall sense of wellbeing.


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10 minutes   |   $10

A stimulating massage that reduces stress, boosts blood circulation, and alleviates muscle tension which may be cause for headaches and migraine.


Hands or Feet   |   $10​

An alternative medical practice involving the application pf pressure to specific points on the hands or feet that correspond to organs and systems of the body. This is done using thumb, finger, and hand massage techniques.

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